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Refinishing your tiles presents an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate their appearance and safeguard them from daily use. This service is applicable to both ceramic and porcelain tiles. The procedure encompasses thorough cleaning, meticulous sanding, and the application of a fresh protective layer. This revitalized coating will maintain your tiles like-new appearance for years to come. Not only is tile refinishing a cost-effective alternative to tile replacement, but it is also a swift and hassle-free process. If you wish to breathe new life into your tiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Our Process

Thoroughly Prep the Area: We begin by meticulously masking off the work area to protect surrounding surfaces.

Handle Shower Hardware: We either remove or securely mask off the Tile hardware to prevent any damage.

Control Dust and Odor: Our fume exhauster is set up to effectively control both dust and odors generated during the process.

Caulk and Silicone Removal: We proceed to carefully remove all caulk and silicone that surrounds the Tile.

Aggressive Surface Cleaning: The entire tile surface is subjected to a rigorous cleaning to ensure optimal adhesion.

Surface Repairs: If needed, we make any necessary repairs to restore the sink surface to its best condition.

Thorough Sanding: We conduct a comprehensive sanding process to prepare the surface for the next steps.

Application of Bonding Agent: A generous application of the bonding agent is applied to enhance adhesion.

Primer Application: 1-2 coats of primer are expertly sprayed onto the sink surface.

Topcoat Application: We apply 2-3 topcoats of finish to provide a durable and beautiful finish.

Final Cleanup: Once the reglazing is dry, we remove all masking materials and ensure the work area is left clean and tidy. Any debris or trash is properly disposed of. We take pride in leaving the work area even cleaner than when we arrived.

Your reglazed tile is covered by our 10-Year Refinishing Warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our work.


What color choices are available?

A: We regularly offer a selection of twelve colors. Additionally, we can precisely match any solid color found in a Sherwin Williams paint deck using our water-resistant coatings. This opens up more than 5,000 unique color possibilities for your tile project.

What happens to the grout during tile refinishing?

A: After refinishing, your grout lines will still be visible. Both the tile and grout will be coated with our water-resistant finish, preventing mold or mildew buildup on the grout lines. Any loose or missing grout will be repaired before the tile refinishing process.

What types of tile can be refinished?

A: We are capable of refinishing various tile types, including ceramic, glass, mosaic, porcelain, and more.

Which tile surfaces can you refinish?

A: Our expertise extends to refinishing bathroom tile surrounds, kitchen tile backsplashes, tile countertops, and more.

What if my tile has been previously refinished?

A: If your tile has been refinished before, we can refinish it again, although it might require additional preparatory work. Please contact us for pricing and further details.

What if my tile needs repairs?

A: We can address a range of tile issues, including chips, cracks, rust, loose grout, missing grout, missing tiles, mildew, hard water stains, and even different tile colors. Contact us for pricing and specific details regarding your repair needs.

What is your service area for tile refinishing?

A: Our tile refinishing services cover the entire Indianapolis metro area, and we serve most addresses within an 80-mile radius of our Indianapolis office. For more information, please reach out to us.

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