Bathtub Reglazing Near Indianapolis, IN

Bathtub refinishing presents a budget-friendly method to enhance your bathroom’s appearance without committing to an entire renovation project. The procedure entails removing the existing finish, addressing any damages, and then applying a fresh new finish. This can be done in a wide array of colors and styles, allowing you to opt for the aesthetic that perfectly aligns with your preferences. Furthermore, bathtub refinishing is a relatively swift and straightforward process, allowing you to use your renewed bathroom quickly. If you seek to restore  your bathroom without hurting your finances, bathtub refinishing is an excellent choice.

Why We Are The Best

  1. Benefit from the security of a 10-Year Warranty on all Kitchen Cabinet Painting Jobs.
  2. Experience professionally sprayed flawless finishes, coupled with our exceptional customer service.
  3. We give complimentary work samples; simply provide a door or drawer to witness our craftsmanship.
  4. We use fume exhausters, To ensure minimal odor and dust during the process.
  5. We Use meticulous masking protocols. To protect your living or working space.
  6. Whether inspired by an image or a paint swatch, we can replicate any desired color.
  7. Using a Durable clear coat, our surfaces offer remarkable scratch and moisture resistance.
  8. You can continue to use your kitchen throughout the duration of the project.
  9. we offer a complimentary touch-up for each referral you introduce to us.
  10. Rest easy knowing our company is fully insured, securing your peace of mind.


Q. How much time is typically required for bathtub reglazing?

A. The time varies based on size and condition. Generally, it takes around 4 to 6 hours to reglaze a standard-sized bathtub.

Q. What if the bathtub has undergone reglazing before?

A. If the bathtub has been previously reglazed, it should be professionally stripped before applying a new reglazing. Neglecting to remove the failing coating can result in continued failure, compromising the new coating as well.

Q. Can you address rust issues on a bathtub?

A. Absolutely. We utilize specialized chemicals to remove rust and then fill and smooth the surface. For bathtubs with rust concerns, additional charges might apply. Please contact our office for more info.

Q. Are fiberglass bathtubs eligible for reglazing?

A. Indeed, we are equipped to reglaze a wide range of bathtub materials, including Acrylic, Cast Iron, Clawfoot, Fiberglass, Jacuzzi, and Porcelain bathtubs.

Q. Is a reglazing warranty provided?

A. Yes, we take pride in offering a comprehensive 10-year warranty for reglazing on all the bathtubs we service.

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